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Friday, August 28, 2009

What? Why?

Talk is cheap, therefore good, and talking soccer (football) is even better because is fun, and require no skills, documentation or common sense. As long as the game is played with a round ball and you don’t have to put your money where your mouth is you can have an opinion on everything. This is why I decided to waste my time, and, nevertheless, my talent starting this blog. I may get tired of it, who knows, but until next week, let's see:
Premier League
Day 4 will produce the first clash of the season between teams in the “Big Four”, an elite group of English clubs (Manchester Untied, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea) that rule, in achievements and financially, the English first tier soccer for the last 30 years.
Manchester United v Arsenal 2-1
Arsenal started their campaign strong, winning the first two games in an emphatic style, by trashing Everton away (6-1), and Portsmouth at home (4-1) despite losing two of the their stars, Adebayor and Toure , this summer, to Manchester City.
On the other side, Manchester United got on a patchy debut by winning their home games (against Birmingham and Wigan) and losing away to the newly promoted Burnley, but the Red Devils are known for their slow start. United, as well, lost two of their best players this summer (Ronaldo and Tevez) without replacing them with other big names.
Player by player it seems that United have an edge over their rivals, however the Arsenal side is younger and plays a faster, more direct game which may cause some problems for a defensive that is still missing Van der Sar and Rio Ferdinand.
Verdict: 2-2

Bolton v Liverpool 2-3
Although is too early, Liverpool’s title hopes may come to an end after just 4 games, another defeat putting a serious dent in their pursuit for reclaiming the crown for the first time in 19 years. Rafa’s boys will get into the game knowing that they hardly can afford another slip-up if they want to be taken seriously as title contenders.
Verdict: 0-2 

Chelsea – Burnley 3-0
Off to a better than expected start Burnley will travel to Stamford Bridge where only a handful of teams took points in the last four years. Ancelotti seems that is still experimenting with his system and first choices, but the Blues should win this one easily.
Verdict: 3-0 PERFECT

My other pretentious guesses:
Blackburn v West Ham 3-1; Score 0-0
Aston Villa v Fulham 2-2; Score 2-0
Everton v Wigan 1-0; Score 2-1
Portsmouth v Man City 0-2; Score 0-1
Stoke v Sunderland 1-0; Score 1-0 PERFECT
Tottenham v Birmingham 2-0; Score 2-1
Wolves v Hull 2-1; Score 1-1