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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Premiere League - Matchday 11

Fulham - Liverpool 3-1
Liverpool crashed away at Fulham in style, ending the game with nine man on the pitch after the sendings off of Degen and Carragher, and the Reds are back on crisis mode, after last week victory over United. With more first team players injured than a Pamploma bull run, Liverpool is rapidly sinking in the table, and Benitez, given that he will still be on the bench against Lyon next Wednesday, must find a way to pull together a team that lost creativity, strenght and confidence.

Arsenal - Tottenham 3-0
The Gunners marched over their local rivals scoring two goals faster than Redkanpp could spell Europa League, and with the clocks turned back from Daylight Saving Time the Spurs return, as usual, to their exciting mediocrity.

Bolton - Chelsea 0-4
Chelsea won comfortably over the sorry Trotters, and the Blues are retaining the top position setting for the moment the title run pace. Their biggest challenge does not seem to come from the League, where their rivals are losing points left and right, but from another competition, the African Cup, that will take place in January next year, when Ancelotti will have to play without Drogba, Essien, and Kalou for almost a month.

Burnley - Hull 2-0
An anticipated victory for Burnley and another three points in their backpack, that will keep them, at least for now, safely, in the middle of table. Hull looks destined for failure this year but Browm will be long gone before that will become a certainty.

Everton - Aston Villa 1-1
Both teams lost two points here, but Everton's points looks little bigger.

Portsmouth - Wigan 4-0 
How can a team that beat the leaders a few weeks ago can go on the road and be trashed by the supreme holders of the table's last place? The Answer: The magic and mystery of Halloween.

Stokes - Wolves 2-2 
Stoked failed to win but Pulis is carefully assembling a team that may last in the Premiere League for years to come.

Sunderland - West Ham 2-2 
Second draw in a week for West Ham, but Zola have now a little more breathing space, despite the Hammers current position on the table. Without their most influential player, the big red beach ball, Sunderland failed to bag all three points, but they have no immediate reasons of concerns.

Man.United - Blackburn

Friday, October 16, 2009

Matchday 9

Aston Villa - Chelsea 2-1
The round opener will feature the leaders, on the road at Villa, a game that in rencent years delivered a good amount of entertainment and goals. After a shabby start Villa recovered and will try, again, to break into the top four, albeit stiffer competition this year (i.e. Manchester City and Tottenham). The Blues will really need to work hard for a point here.
Verdict 1-1

Arsenal - Birmingham City 3-1
There is no easier way to make some extra money than betting on an (another) emphatic Arsenal success. The Gunners will win these type of games with ease, but they still have to deliver against the big boys if their title challenge is to be taken serious.

Verdict 3-0

Everton - Wolverhampton 1-1
The Toffies are slowly getting back on track after an horendous start but will find it quite difficult in front of a team that is travelling anywhere knowing that they have nothing to lose in the away games.
Verdict 2-1

Machester Utd. - Bolton 2-1
The Red Devils cannot afford another slip up at Old Trafford and will try to settle the game early, probably in the first 25-30 minutes. Despite conceding in the first half hour Bolton will play cautiously, to avoid an embarassing defeat.
Verdict 3-0

Portsmouth - Tottenham 1-2
Redknapp boys will travel South facing the gaffer's former club and will have a though task in front a team buoyed recently by their first win of the season. A game that can deliver plenty of goals given the Spurs attacking prowess combined with a flawed defense.
Verdict 2-3

Stoke - West Ham 2-1
The Hammers are laying flat at the bottom of the table with only five points from eight games, despite playing better than many other teams above them. Altough Brittania have a reputation of a though place to get points, I can see the londoners getting away with a point from this game.
Verdict 1-1

Sunderland - Liverpool 1-0
The Reds will not feature their crown jewels - Gerrard and Torres - travelling up North, and Benitez have plently of reasons to worry, but in the end the likes of Kuyt and Benayoun will be enough to emerge victorius over a Sunderland side that is alternating honorable performances with mediocre ones.
Verdic 0-2

Blackburn - Burnley 3-2
Burnley is flying high these days but they are no real threat when away, and Big Sam knows that these are exacly the type of games he needs to win in order to keep the Rovers safe and away from the relegation zone.
Verdict 3-1

Wigan - Manchester City 1-1
A good chance for Wigan to slain another (young) dragon and for Martinez to prove his mangerial qualities. The Citizens fans will get a reality check in the coming month, when their title dreams will sharply turn into a decent Europa League spot.

Verdict 1-1 Perfect Score!

Fulham - Hull 2-0
A typical Monday night game, dull, played on a soaked pitch, with no real chances, but genuine personal mistakes. Lacking talent, ambition and ingenuity Hull will go crashing down as early as March of next year.
Verdict 2-0 Perfect Score!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Premiere League - Match Day 8 Predictions

Bolton vs. Tottenham 2-2
This will be an easy one for Spurs, who currently show great attacking prowness. Bolton should focus on getting points from their relegation battle rivals.
Verdict 0-2
Tottenham slumped back to their normal mid-table way of play, losing points on the road in front of weaker, but stubborn, opposition.

Burnley vs. Birmingham 2-1
These two met last year in the Championship, but this year is different. The winer gets three points that may prove to be vital, in May, next year.
Verdict 1-0 
I got this one right, missing only on the numbers of goals scored. Whatever I said before the game stays!

Hull vs. Wigan 2-1
Wigan will find it hard to replicate the display they produced last week, against Chelsea, while on the other side, Hull must bounce back from their horrendous performance at Anfield.
Verdict 2-1 Perfect Score
No, I never get tired of being right!

Wolverhampton vs. Portsmouth 0-1
What can be worst than seven defeats in a row ? The answers is eight. Altough great escapes were seen before, Pompey does not look to be able to pull one this season.
Verdict 3-1
What the hell happened?! After losing games left and right Portsmouth decided to start their climbing by snatching three points away at Molineux. Nick McCarthy still has to prove that he is top tier manager.

Man. United vs. Sunderland 2-2
Another predictable and lacklustre victory for Fergie's man, who know better than anyone else how to crunch a result, especially when they are not in top form.
Verdict 2-0
What I have in common with Ferguson? We both miss this one, big time. Ferdinand scored in extra time to spare United's blushes. Not that Ferdinand. The other one. Mr. Incompetent.

Arsenal vs. Blackburn 6-2
The gunners will not have any problems as long as Arshavin and Van Persie are playing their usual fast paced, joyful game.
Verdict 4-1
The gunners walked over a sorry Blackburn side in the second half, but the latter were denied a stone cold penalty while trailing only one goal behind (2-3).

Everton vs. Stoke 1-1
These two teams are lacking flair and ingenuity but compensate in tactical discipline. The home ground advantage will be decisive for the Toffees.
Verdict 2-1
A modest game, not worth commenting on.

West Ham vs. Fulham 2-2
Zola will need to produce results rather quicky, otherwise he may win the undesireble sack race. Unfortunatelly for the hammers Fulham is not a push around team.
Verdict 1-1
Average teams produce average results but this game was interesting. Zola needs to make big changes with little (read NO) money. The Cottagers are a solid middle of the table team.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool 2-0
A draw will not satisfy anybody but at the end of the day both gaffers will be happy to take something from a game than will not show anything but half chances and frustrated managers.
Verdict 1-1
Despite Rafa's  title challenge claims the Reds are bleeding bad in the middle, right through the gap left by Alonso's exit. A Champions League spot is the most that they can hope for this year. Chelsea are clear favorites for the title, following the latest displays of United and Liverpool.

Aston Villa vs. Man. City 1-1
A tough one for the new Prem sensation - Manchester City. They score goals with a relative ease but they are capable of receiving them in the same way. Despite a mix start Villa will manage to hang on to the 6th place this season.
Verdict 2-2
The real tests for the City are ahead. I will not be very surprised if Villa will finish above the

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Premier League - After Matchday 4

No big surprises last weekend, the favorites were on the mark, and although United were second best in their game against Arsenal they managed to come out from it claiming all three points. The fact that Arsenal's midfielder Abou Diaby was the best player Sir Alex had on the pitch that afternoon speaks for itself.

Chelsea won easily their home fixture against Burnley, but the score could have gone into double digits if it wasn’t for Burnley’s Danish goalkeeper, Jensen, who managed to block anything the Blues threw to him, except the three goals :)

Liverpool won away, at Bolton, however, they failed to impress one more time. Coming from behind, twice, the reds must be extremely happy for pulling this one, but Benitez is still far away from lining up a squad that can challenge realistically for title. I must say though that Glenn Johnson looks like the real deal, with two goals and two assists in the first four games. On the other end is veteran Jamie Carragher.

Manchester City stuffed Portsmouth away, to win three out of three, but the real tests are still ahead for the Citizens. Same thing for Tottenham who share the first spot with Chelsea and are off to their best start in 49 years. The Spurs will dearly miss Luka Modric, the Croatian international being diagnosed with a broke bone in his feet and sidelined for at least 6-7 weeks.

Everton secured their first three points of the campaign wit a late penalty against Wigan and Martinez must replicate soon the success they had in the debut day, at Villa, if he wants to beat the odds who placed him on top of the sacking race list.

The Premier League takes a break this weekend due to international calendar, and will return on September 12.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What? Why?

Talk is cheap, therefore good, and talking soccer (football) is even better because is fun, and require no skills, documentation or common sense. As long as the game is played with a round ball and you don’t have to put your money where your mouth is you can have an opinion on everything. This is why I decided to waste my time, and, nevertheless, my talent starting this blog. I may get tired of it, who knows, but until next week, let's see:
Premier League
Day 4 will produce the first clash of the season between teams in the “Big Four”, an elite group of English clubs (Manchester Untied, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea) that rule, in achievements and financially, the English first tier soccer for the last 30 years.
Manchester United v Arsenal 2-1
Arsenal started their campaign strong, winning the first two games in an emphatic style, by trashing Everton away (6-1), and Portsmouth at home (4-1) despite losing two of the their stars, Adebayor and Toure , this summer, to Manchester City.
On the other side, Manchester United got on a patchy debut by winning their home games (against Birmingham and Wigan) and losing away to the newly promoted Burnley, but the Red Devils are known for their slow start. United, as well, lost two of their best players this summer (Ronaldo and Tevez) without replacing them with other big names.
Player by player it seems that United have an edge over their rivals, however the Arsenal side is younger and plays a faster, more direct game which may cause some problems for a defensive that is still missing Van der Sar and Rio Ferdinand.
Verdict: 2-2

Bolton v Liverpool 2-3
Although is too early, Liverpool’s title hopes may come to an end after just 4 games, another defeat putting a serious dent in their pursuit for reclaiming the crown for the first time in 19 years. Rafa’s boys will get into the game knowing that they hardly can afford another slip-up if they want to be taken seriously as title contenders.
Verdict: 0-2 

Chelsea – Burnley 3-0
Off to a better than expected start Burnley will travel to Stamford Bridge where only a handful of teams took points in the last four years. Ancelotti seems that is still experimenting with his system and first choices, but the Blues should win this one easily.
Verdict: 3-0 PERFECT

My other pretentious guesses:
Blackburn v West Ham 3-1; Score 0-0
Aston Villa v Fulham 2-2; Score 2-0
Everton v Wigan 1-0; Score 2-1
Portsmouth v Man City 0-2; Score 0-1
Stoke v Sunderland 1-0; Score 1-0 PERFECT
Tottenham v Birmingham 2-0; Score 2-1
Wolves v Hull 2-1; Score 1-1